June 16, 2024

Uncertain Future for the World Rally Championship as FIA WRC Working Group Reveals Vision

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Evaluating the Future of the World Rally Championship with DirtFish

The future of the World Rally Championship is uncertain as the FIA’s WRC Working Group recently unveiled its vision for the next three years of the sport. However, concrete technical regulations based on this vision won’t be announced until June. This has sparked a debate on whether the direction set by the group is the right one or if further reconsideration is necessary.

In the latest episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod, Alasdair Lindsay, Colin Clark, and David Evans dive into the details of the WRC Working Group’s proposals. They share their insights on where they believe the sport should be heading and explore differing opinions on the matter. It’s clear that not everyone is in agreement on the future direction of the World Rally Championship.

The team also discusses the upcoming Safari Rally Kenya and the potential impact of weather on the race. The excitement is palpable as they anticipate the action that this event will bring to

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