June 16, 2024

The Steelers Sign Cordarrelle Patterson for Kickoff Special Team Boost Amid NFL Changes

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Steelers Set to Sign Cordarrelle Patterson, Reports Say

The NFL has recently made changes to kickoffs, potentially leading to more returns in the upcoming seasons. In response to this news, the Steelers have signed veteran kick returner and offensive weapon Cordarrelle Patterson to a two-year, $6 million deal. Patterson, a first-round pick in 2013, has had an impressive career playing for various teams such as the Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Bears, and Falcons. He holds the all-time record for kick returns for a touchdown with nine to his name.

The Steelers were likely drawn to Patterson’s abilities as a kickoff returner, especially with the new kickoff rules in place. With his speed and agility, Patterson has the potential to break through coverage players for long gains on kick returns. In addition to his skills as a return specialist, Patterson can also contribute offensively both as a runner and receiver. In the 2021 season with the Falcons, he racked up 1,166 yards from scrimmage, showcasing his versatility on the field.

Patterson’s signing with the Steelers signifies a commitment to making impactful moves to bolster the team’s roster. If he can exploit the new kickoff configuration to his advantage and create opportunities for the Steelers on special teams, Pittsburgh’s opponents may soon find themselves struggling to contain him. This signing exemplifies the Steelers’ dedication to maximizing their strengths and staying competitive in the league.

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