June 21, 2024

The Pope’s Health: Interview with Surgeon and Vatican Officials on His Condition and Upcoming Plans

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The Pope’s Extended Silence at Palm Sunday Mass Reignites Speculation on His Health During Easter

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera interviewed the surgeon who operated on the Pope twice, asking about his health conditions. The surgeon responded that the Pope is well for his age, despite episodes of respiratory difficulty due to his past lung surgeries. Despite this, renewed concerns about the Pope’s health were raised after an incident during Palm Sunday celebrations when he did not deliver the homily, resulting in a long silence that spread to the faithful in attendance.

Francis, who has been dealing with respiratory problems that make it difficult for him to give speeches, resumed the ceremony with the Creed. At the end of the ceremony, he briefly condemned a terrorist attack in Moscow and later greeted the faithful in St. Peter’s Square. Despite speculation, the Vatican did not provide an explanation for the Pope’s silence, simply stating that the homily was “non-existent.”

The Pope’s schedule remains busy, with upcoming commitments and trips planned. With important events on the horizon, including

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