June 13, 2024

Sutter Health Increases Security Measures Following Attack on Psychiatric Nurse

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California regulators are probing Sutter Health for failure to report assault on psychiatric worker

As a journalist, I have rewritten the article to make it unique. Here’s my version:

Sutter Health has recently invested nearly $40 million in enhancing security measures in the unit where Golomb was attacked. This follows a petition signed by over 100 psychiatry residents, fellows, and nurses that called for increased safety measures in the hospital. The petition highlighted concerns about safety threatening the ability to provide high-quality care and cited specific areas that needed improvement, including round-the-clock security presence in the inpatient psych unit and an intensive care unit.

Golomb and her colleagues have been advocating for increased safety at Sutter Health for some time now. Their efforts culminated in the presentation of a petition to hospital management, which was signed by over 100 healthcare workers. The petition outlined specific concerns about safety and quality of care in the hospital, with Golomb highlighting her personal experience of being attacked while on duty.

Comsti emphasized the importance of violent incident reports in successful workplace violence prevention plans. These reports allow workers to stay informed about what is happening and communicate with their employer about areas in need of improvement. Sutter Health has taken this advice seriously and implemented several measures to enhance security in the unit where Golomb was attacked. These measures include installing cameras, panic buttons, duress alarms, and secured doors. Additionally, a security officer is now stationed in the unit during daytime hours.

Following the publication of Golomb’s story, Sutter Health’s president and CEO sent an email to hospital employees titled “Keeping you safe from harm at work.” This indicates a commitment from the organization to prioritize the safety and well-being of its staff.

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