June 16, 2024

Solargraph Photography: Capturing Time and the Sun’s Movement with a Simple Camera

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Capturing the Sun’s Path: Exploring Solargraphy through Art, Science, and Chaos

A solargraph camera is a fascinating type of photography that requires little to no effort. It consists of a piece of black and white photographic paper sealed inside a cylinder with a tiny pin hole drilled into the side. The camera is then placed in a secure location where it will remain undisturbed for days, weeks, or even months at a time. The duration of time the camera is left to record is determined by the photographer, with options ranging from capturing a single day to an entire season. According to experts, leaving the camera from solstice to solstice is the optimal timeframe.

This past year, three solargraph cameras were set up on the roof of The Weather Network in Oakville, ON, between June 21 and December 21. Painted both inside and out in black to reduce reflections, the cameras were positioned facing south to track the Sun’s movement across the sky. It’s crucial to choose the location of the camera wisely as its appearance may make it vulnerable to being taken or damaged if left in a public space.

While in place, sunlight passes through the pin hole and creates a line of exposure on the photographic paper whenever

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