June 13, 2024

Russia’s Deadliest Terrorist Attack since 2004: The Echoes of Beslan school Siege Re-Emerge as Moscow Grieves for its Victims

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The progression of the attack on the concert hall in Moscow

Russia has been hit with a deadly terrorist attack that has shaken the nation, marking the deadliest incident since 2004. Over 130 people were killed in Moscow when gunmen stormed a sold-out concert hall and opened fire at the crowd. The jihadist organization Isis claimed responsibility for the attack, which brought back memories of the 2004 Beslan school siege where Chechen terrorists took over a school and resulted in the deaths of 330 civilians.

The attack began when masked gunmen arrived at Crocus City Hall and started shooting outside the building before entering the lobby and continuing their rampage inside. They threw explosives and set fires before fleeing the scene. Many casualties were reported due to smoke poisoning from the aftermath of the attack, prompting emergency response teams to arrive quickly on site to provide assistance.

Russian authorities later arrested eleven suspects, four of whom are believed to have been directly involved in the attack. Investigations revealed that these individuals were not Russian citizens but carried Tajik passports. This incident has led to increased concerns about extremist groups operating in Russia’s neighboring regions and raised awareness about

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