June 21, 2024

Fierce Riots Erupt Before Highly Anticipated Basketball Showdown: Euroleague Final Four between Greece and Turkey

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Rioting Hooligans Cause Chaos at Basketball Game in Berlin

Ahead of the highly anticipated basketball classic “Euroleague Final Four” between Panathinaikos Athens from Greece and Fenerbahce Istanbul from Turkey, heavy fan riots erupted in Berlin. The first incidents took place at Alexanderplatz in the afternoon, where 70 people clashed and a vehicle was damaged. Supporters of both clubs have been known to be enemies for years.

Shortly after, a more serious riot broke out in front of the Uber Arena, where around 80 hooligans entered the hall, tore down barriers, and attacked stewards. Weapons such as knives, batons, and machetes were found at the scene. The police estimate that there are now several thousand people gathered in front of the Uber Arena, with rival fan groups engaging in violence and using pyrotechnics against each other.

Law enforcement officials are on site trying to identify troublemakers and remove them from the premises. All hooligans involved will be expelled and banned from entering the arena for the match. Ticket sales were delayed due to the riots, causing the game to start ten minutes late.

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