June 21, 2024

Evaluating the NFL Offenses of 2024: Tier Rankings and Analysis for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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CBS Sports 2024 Offensive Rankings Place Buccaneers Offense Near the Bottom

The NFL offenses have evolved over the years, moving towards a more pass-heavy approach rather than relying solely on the run game. The importance of having an elite quarterback and a balanced offensive attack has become crucial in today’s game. In 2023, the Buccaneers offense struggled to establish a strong running game despite emphasizing it in their gameplay. They will look to improve in all areas under new offensive coordinator Liam Coen in the upcoming season.

CBS Sports evaluated NFL offenses to determine which teams are best positioned for success in 2024. They used a weighted system to rank each team based on the quality of their quarterback, play-caller, offensive line, pass-catchers, and running backs. The Buccaneers were ranked in Tier 5, tied with the New Orleans Saints with the 23rd-ranked offense. Their average scores in all categories were around 3, with none exceeding a rating of 4.

The breakdown showed that the Buccaneers’ quarterback position and play-calling received a score of 3, while their offensive line, pass catchers, and running backs received slightly higher scores of 3.5. The overall weighted total gave them an average score of 3.23, placing them in one of the lower tiers of NFL offenses. Despite these rankings, the Buccaneers showed improvement towards the end of the 2023 season and are expected to continue building on that momentum under new coaching and continuity for the upcoming season.

Last year, the Bucs proved their doubters wrong as they made a playoff run and found their offensive rhythm late in the season. With a new offensive coordinator in place for 2024

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