June 13, 2024

Eurocorps Chief Dismissed Over Espionage Allegations in Major Shakeup of Polish Military Leadership

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Polish general leading Eurocorps fired and under investigation for spying

Warsaw announced on Wednesday that General Jarosław Gromadziski, the head of the Eurocorps, had been dismissed and an investigation into alleged espionage was being opened. The Military Counterintelligence Service launched a probe into the lieutenant general in order to gather information about him, leading to his removal from his position and return to Poland.

Gromadziski had been trusted by Warsaw since overseeing the formation of the 18th Mechanized Division of the Army in 2018, which is considered a model unit equipped with top military equipment. He received his third star last year and continued in his position under the new government. He also played a role in training Ukrainian fighters at German bases alongside US commanders at the Wiesbaden base.

Nine months ago, Gromadziski was assigned to the Eurocorps headquarters in Strasbourg where Poland became one of the Framework Nations of the Eurocorps in January 2022 alongside France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. The Eurocorps is a multinational military force deployed on humanitarian, rescue and peacekeeping missions by organizations such as the European Union, NATO and the United Nations with leadership rotating among member countries.

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