June 16, 2024

Climate Change as a Human Health Crisis: Expert Discussion on Designing Resilient Communities

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Richard Joseph Jackson, MD, MPH, FAAP, HonAIA, HonFASLA presents Grand Rounds in Population and Public Health Sciences

Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH, FAAP, HonAIA, HonFASLA, is an expert on the impact of climate change on human health and well-being. He will lead a discussion titled “Climate Change is Among the Greatest Challenges Facing Humanity: The Responses Must Benefit All People and the Natural World” at the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences.

The event will explore the physical environmental changes that can lead to improved health and potentially happiness. It will discuss the impact of a heating planet on modern life, including increased heat waves, febrile oceans, storm violence, lost insurance, wildfires, smoke-filled air, asocial behavior, and an epidemic of loneliness.

Jackson has received numerous awards for his contributions to public health and environmental advocacy and has authored several books on the impact of urban sprawl and designing healthy communities. He currently leads the Health and Climate Interest Group within the National Academy of Medicine.

The panelists for this important discussion have not been announced yet but it’s expected that they will be experts in their fields related to climate change and its impact on human health. The event promises to be an insightful conversation about one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today.

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