June 16, 2024

Breakthrough in Gaza Conflict as UN Approves Ceasefire Resolution for First Time Since 2014

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Security Council Approves Historic Ceasefire Call in Gaza

The United Nations has approved a ceasefire resolution in the Palestinian territory for the first time since the Gaza war broke out after Hamas attacks in October 2020. This decision is of considerable political significance because to date, the Security Council had seen four similar initiatives vetoed by the United States. On this occasion, Washington has abstained, which means putting in black and white the growing differences between the US Government of Joe Biden and Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The resolution calls for an end to hostilities and the release of hostages held by Hamas since October 7, 2020. It was proposed by the 10 non-permanent members of the council and supported by four permanent members – Great Britain, France, China, and Russia – with the abstention of USA. The resolution arrives at a critical juncture in the war as Israeli armed forces are set to enter Rafah city in Gaza during Ramadan, a particularly sensitive period for Muslims.

The United States has repeatedly urged Israel not to attack Rafah, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declaring last week that an attack on Rafah would risk isolating Israel in the world and endangering its security in the long term. Despite disagreements between Tel Aviv and Washington about the war from its beginning, Biden’s administration would have preferred a more selective offensive instead of Israel’s total war campaign that has given poor military results so far. Hamas remains active with most of its terrorist infrastructure network intact, and there is still widespread famine in Gaza due to Israel’s decision to limit shipments of food and humanitarian aid.

Despite these warnings from Biden’s administration, US military aid to Israel has been increased rather than suspended at any time during this conflict. This threatens Biden’s re-election chances as it limits his popularity among young people and Arab Americans who are crucial voters for his November 5th election bid. In contrast, Republican Party fully supports Netanyahu’s position on Gaza as he is a personal friend of Jared Kushner’s family, who served as President Trump’s son-in-law and presidential candidate before being impeached earlier this year.

Netanyahu reacted positively to news that he had retracted his constant position in the Security Council where just days ago he linked a ceasefire with releasing kidnapped hostages (article 1). He did not exercise his right of veto on this new text calling for a ceasefire without releasing kidnapped people according to reports from Jerusalemn Sal Emergui. In response to Biden requesting a possible military offensive in Rafah following Netanyahu canceling his delegation scheduled for Monday to discuss this matter further with him; Israeli Prime Minister announced that he would not send it despite support from several government leaders within Israel who wanted him to continue their offensive until they finished off Hamas while freeing kidnapped people but criticized Netanyahu for canceling this meeting which increased tension between Hamas’ main ally – Israel

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