June 13, 2024

Beyond Stereotypes: A Firearms Examiner’s Journey to Breaking Down Barriers and Serving the Public.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month at the Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center

As a journalist, I rewrote the article to make it unique:

Dr. Steadman shared that there are 43 employees at the center, with 34 of them being female. Sara Rogers, a Firearms Examiner at the center, expressed her thoughts on the stereotype that only men would typically be in a position like hers as gun enthusiasts. Despite not growing up around firearms and being from a state with heavy regulations on them, Rogers stated that her job is to analyze ammunition components and determine if they were fired by a particular firearm.

Rogers explained that her primary goal as a Firearms Examiner is to meticulously examine every component of an ammunition round and determine its source. She emphasized that she takes this job very seriously and believes it’s essential to ensure public safety by identifying weapons used in crimes accurately.

While some may think that her role involves testing firearms themselves, Rogers clarified that her focus is solely on analyzing evidence. She said she doesn’t have any personal interest in firearms but respects their importance in forensic investigations. In fact, she finds it fascinating how different types of ammunition can be traced back to specific firearms through ballistics analysis alone.

Overall, Sara Rogers is an excellent example of how professionals can navigate stereotypes and expectations while staying true to their duties and responsibilities. Her work has undoubtedly helped solve many cases and made our communities safer for everyone involved.

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