June 16, 2024

Anderson County Health Department: Promoting Public Health and Wellness Through Various Activities During National Public Health Week

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Anderson County Public Health Week to Feature Exciting Special Events

During National Public Health Week, the Anderson County Health Department is actively promoting public health through various activities. On April 1, staff will help patients register to vote and collect hygiene products to donate to the Tennessee Out-Reach Center for Homeless. They are also partnering with UT Extension to offer an after-school yoga club at Glenwood Elementary.

On April 2, staff will promote outdoor activities at the Anderson County Senior Center with their Matter of Balance class. The Public Health Educator will host a tobacco/vaping prevention program called “Catch My Breath” at Grand Oaks Elementary for fifth graders. Anti-tobacco signage will be dropped off at participating schools.

April 3 will include more sessions of the “Catch My Breath” curriculum for fifth graders. On April 4, staff will promote access to vaccines and continue the Matter of Balance class at the Senior Center.

On April 5, hygiene products collected will be donated to the center for homeless and staff will be encouraged to walk at work. Finally, on April 7, staff will attend the “Celebration of a Young Child” event to promote the future of public health.

Anderson County Health Department Director Charles Turner expressed pride in the hard work of their staff and the services they provide to the community. The department offers programs such as CHANT, GIFTS, and TNSTRONG to support the health and well-being of residents.

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